Unboxing June 2017

Raw Bites June Box

ūüíö Here's what's inside our June box¬†ūüíö

Fitness First Premium and/or Platinum 3 or 5-Day Pass
20% discount from FitAid
P500 voucher from Regetta Canoe 
1. BOUNCE BALLS | coconut & macadamia (high protein & fibre)
Bounce Balls - coconut & macadamia
2. DAO | tomato & basil crackers (high fibre) (O) (V)
Dao - tomato & basil crackers
3. HERBAL FIX | shape - peach (O)
 Herbal Fix - Shape Peach
4. JEALOUS SWEETS | frutilicious box (GF) (V)
Jealous Sweets - fruitilicious box
5. RADICAL ORGANICS | original coconut chips (high fibre) (GF)
Radical Organics - original coconut chips
6. RB x CHELCIE'S | peanut butter pear infused with jasmine tea (all-natural)
RB x Chelcie's - peanut butter pear infused with jasmine tea
7. REBEL KITCHEN | vanilla coconut milk (GF) (O)
Rebel - vanilla coconut milk
8. RUDE HEALTH | ginger & tumeric oaty (high fibre) (V)
Rude Health - ginger & tumeric oaty
9. RUDE HEALTH | peanut bar (GF) (V)
Rude Health - peanut bar
10. RUDE HEALTH | the ultimate granola (high fibre) (O) (V)
Rude Health - the ultimate granola
11. SIMPLEE ALOE | grape & lemon aloe juice (GF)
Simplee Aloe - grape & lemon aloe juice
12. TASTI | salted caramel protein bar (high protein)
Tasti - salted caramel protein bar
13. TEAPIGS | green tea with mint sachets (GF) (V)
Teapigs - green tea with mint
14. FOUNDING FARMERS | wasabi roasted edamame (high protein & fibre) 
Founding Farmers - wasabi roasted edamame
15. WHITWORTHS | blueberry & seeds shots (98 kcal) 
Whitworths - blueberry & seeds shots
All our snacks contain natural sugars, no preservatives, or no artificial flavour. Don't want to miss another Raw Bites box? Subscribe NOW!  


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