Unboxing November 2017

Raw Bites November 2017 Box
ūüíö Here's what's inside our¬†November box¬†ūüíö
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1. COCOA | 65% dark chocolate with hazelnuts (GF) (O) (V)
Cocoa 65% dark chocolate with hazenut
2. DAO | olive crackers (GF) (O) (V)
Dao olive crackers
3. ENGLISH TEA SHOP | superberries organic tea (O) (V)
English Tea Shop superberries organic tea
4. FIRST HARVEST | salted coco caramel spread (V)
First Harvest salted coco caramel
5. FRESH AS | freeze dried grape slices (GF) (V)
Fresh As freeze dried grape slices
6. INSPIRAL | raspberry coconut pecks (GF) (O) (V)
Inspiral Raspberry Coconut Pecks
7. INSPIRAL | baobab & onion kale chips (GF) (O) (V)
Inspiral Baobab & Onion
8. JEALOUS SWEETS | tangy worms (GF) (V)
Jealous Sweet Tangy Worms
9. KOOKIE CAT | chia lemon cashew oat cookie (GF) (O) (V)
Kookie Cat Chia Lemon Cashew Oat Cookies
10. LIZI'S GRANOLA | low sugar granola portion pack (high fiber, low sugar)
Lizi's Granola Low Sugar Portion Pack
11.PULSIN | maple & peanut protein bar (GF) (V)
Pulsin Maple & Peanut Protein Bar
12. RAW BITES x CACAO CULTURE FARM | all-natural cacao nibs (V)
Raw Bites x Cacao Culture Farms Cacao Nibs
13. ROOBAR | mulberry vanilla bar (GF) (O) (V)
Roobar Mulberry Vanilla
14. ROO'BIOTIC | ashwagandha mango energy ball (GF) (O) (V)
Roobiotic ashwagandha mango energy ball
15. STRANGELOVE | organic lemon squash softdrink (O) (V)
Strangelove Organic Lemon Squash Softdrink
All our snacks contain natural sugars, no preservatives, or no artificial flavour. Don't want to miss another Raw Bites box? Subscribe NOW!  


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