Unboxing September 2017

Unboxing September 2017

September Box
ūüíö Here's what's inside our September¬†box¬†ūüíö

Onelife Studio FREE private assessment + 10% discount on packages (premium & regular MM subscribers only)
Guavapass P1000 OFF on 1st month of their 3-month plan
Certified Calm P500 OFF voucher on selected items (orders above P3000 only)
1. AT ONE | cacao mint raw paleo bar (GF) (V)
AT ONE | cacao mint raw paleo bar
2. COCOA | almonds in raw chocolate (O) (V)
COCOA | almonds in raw chocolate
3. HONEST JUNK | coco chia zooper cookies (GF) (V)
 HONEST JUNK | coco chia zooper cookies
4. INSPIRAL | crispy purple corn kale chips (GF) (V)
INSPIRAL | crispy purple corn kale chips
5. INSPIRAL | salted caramel coconut pecks (GF) (O) (V)
INSPIRAL | salted caramel coconut pecks
6. JEALOUS SWEETS | sour beans box (GF) (V)
JEALOUS SWEETS | sour beans box
7. KOOKIE CAT | vanilla choc chip cashew & oat cookie (GF) (O) (V)
KOOKIE CAT | vanilla choc chip cashew & oat cookie
8. MADE GOOD | chia berries raw fruit & nut bar (GF) (O) (V)
MADE GOOD | chia berries raw fruit & nut bar
9. MADE GOOD | chocolate chip granola minis (GF) (O) (V)
MADE GOOD | chocolate chip granola minis
10. REBEL KITCHEN | matcha green tea coconut mylk (GF) (O) (V)
REBEL KITCHEN | matcha green tea coconut mylk
11. HEALTHY YOU | roasted almonds (high protein) (V)
HEALTHY YOU | roasted almonds
12. ROOBIOTIC | coconut guarana energy ball (GF) (O) (V)
ROOBIOTIC | coconut guarana energy ball
13. STRANGELOVE | organic ginger beer (GF) (O) (V)
STRANGELOVE | organic ginger beer
14. TEAPIGS | mao feng green tea (V)
TEAPIGS | mao feng green tea
15. THE GIVING TREE | freeze dried mango chips (V)
THE GIVING TREE | freeze dried mango chips
BONUS GIFT:  new! merci buco coconut water
new! merci buco coconut water
All our snacks contain natural sugars, no preservatives, or no artificial flavour. Don't want to miss another Raw Bites box? Subscribe NOW!  
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