About Gail Go

Hi there,

Thank you for visiting our shop. When we started 4 years ago, we weren't sure if this would work. If you've been following our brand, you know we've started with subscription boxes and we've done that for a full 2 years until we decided to focus on e-grocery with the knowledge we've gained from your faves in our boxes. 

Raw Bites has evolved so much since we started - sometimes I don't even know how and when it happened. It's still a 2-woman team running the entire operations up to this point but after 4-years, I think it's time to open up the business to external partners so Jane and I can have some well-deserved R&R. All these growth we attribute to you, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'm happy that I've finally found something that I get really excited about every. single. day. Feel free to email us any feedback on our shop. Any feedback, good / bad / crazy are welcome. Personal questions are not. :p

Enjoy these facts about me!

First thing you do when you wake up?

Now that I have a son, I feed my son and prepare his breakfast. But on rare days when I wake up and the entire family is asleep, I make coffee and have my breakfast peacefully.

I have a bad habit of checking my messages right away but that’s slowly dying down with motherhood.

What do you have for breakfast?

My go-to before was peanut butter and toast. Sometimes I spruce it up with jam or banana. But since my son was diagnosed with peanut allergy and some skin disorders, I was advised by the Doctor to avoid eating anything he is allergic too as it gets passed on through breastmilk.

Side note: it’s amazing but seems like it’s working and his skin is getting better… just shows you how the food you eat really affects your body (and not just in terms of being thin or fat).

So now, I share a congee with him (rice is a very hypoallergenic grain) and I try to get creative with how many types of congee I can concoct without any allergens. Good news is, this is only temporary and we’ll slowly introduce more foods again as his gut heals and matures.

What do you look forward to outside of work?
I love a good outdoor workout. Hanging out with my son. Now, I find that eating anything is a luxury. Oh, how I miss watching movies, binge-watching and sleeping in.

All-time favourite snack?
I would say 2 snacks: savoury popcorn – especially white cheddar and Chocnut (send Chocnut to HK please)

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Re-watching chick flick shows (recently, it’s been Gilmore Girls and Bridget Jones) with a glass of wine or cider and binge-watching anything Rom-Com

If you had a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Argh, this is a tough one. Galapagos Islands to see seals and giant turtles? Antarctica to see the penguin colonies? Tanzania to hike Kilimanjaro? Atacama Dessert in Chile to stargaze? Basically, somewhere exotic and close to nature.

What is your favourite travels so far?
I was fortunate to have an “extended travel” in UK. While London is everyone’s list as one of the top cities, one thing I enjoyed about UK is the countryside – the slow-paced life and great classic British food. I’ll also never forget all my hiking trips in Peru, Chile, China, and Italy. I used to be a city girl but I just find myself more impressed with nature’s beauty.

Do you have a workout regiment?
Yes – I run regularly (even postpartum), do yoga or pilates at least once a week, and when it’s sunny, I sneak in a swim once or twice a week

List top 3 health goals

  1. Sleep earlier – even as a mom, I still can’t do this since the entire day is focused on my son and I get to really be myself after he sleeps at 8-830pm
  2. Balanced workout – I tend to side towards cardio but I know strength training and even stretches are good too!
  3. Sexy at 50

What is your health philosophy?

Anything in moderation. I am not an extremist (except for now since it’s recommended by the Doctor for my son’s health) and I think a good variety of food is always good for you, as long as these are wholesome foods. I’m not against junk foods either (asus, I love white cheddar popcorn) but again, in moderation.