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Many questions regarding Raw Bites can be found in the FAQs below. If you can't find an answer to your question please submit a help request.

If you are unable to submit a help request through our website, you may send an email to or through our Contact Form

General Questions

What is Raw Bites?

Raw Bites is a healthy snacks subscription box service delivered to your doorstep every month. Based in Manila, Philippines, we source a variety of healthy snacks and beverages from all sorts of suppliers, international or local, big or small, and send them in your box for you to discover.

How does a box subscription work?

By purchasing a monthly Raw Bites Box subscription, you are consenting to a recurring purchase (unless you selected the one-off purchase) that will charge you every month. Payment is immediately collected upon purchase. We aim to dispatch boxes within the first week, however we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case and there may sometimes be delays in delivering some boxes. Your subscription will be automatically extended for successive monthly periods, at the original subscription rate, removing any one-off discounts. These terms apply for both regular and premium subscriptions. All subscriptions must be made on the 28th of the prior month to be included in the succeeding month's delivery.

What’s in my box?

Your box may contain any of the following items: energy balls, protein bars, gluten free biscuits, refine sugar free candies, organic cereals, freeze-dried fruits, raw chocolate, organic chips, and natural nut butters and jams. You can expect the variety to change every month. The number of snacks will vary in each box but we aim to have 8 snacks in the trial box, 10 snacks in the regular box, and 15 snacks in the premium box. All boxes have a minimum guaranteed weight of 600g, 800g, and 1kg for trial, regular, and premium boxes, respectively. The items have a minimum shelf life of three months.

How does Raw Bites choose what is in the box?

We pretty much let our taste buds decide – gone were the days when healthy food should taste like cardboard, the snacks in our box have great taste. And if our personal tastes are not enough, we make sure that the snacks have achieved success in their local market (you may see them in major retailers internationally). To know more about the brands we include in the box, check out our Brand Partners. Of course, we make sure that the snacks should meet at least 2 of the #rawvolution rules: gluten free, organic, natural sugars, GMO free and no preservatives.

Is everything in the box certified organic?

It is indicated on the item label or the info card if the snack is certified organic. "Made with organic" ingredients and "organic" products are not necessarily the same. If you are interested to see any certifications, we’d gladly share them with you. Simply email us! :)

I love this product. Where can I buy it?

We do not sell the snacks individually at the moment but we are currently working on our e-commerce online store. We are also looking to increase distribution of these snacks in cafes, fitness centres, and groceries. Have connections? Feel free to let us know!

How can we partner with Raw Bites?

We're always on the lookout for new partners to work with. Get in touch with us through our contact page or email us at and we’ll send you our supplier kit.

Can I try just one box?

Yes, that's why we setup a trial one-time purchase box at P945. The trial box would have up to 8 snacks. This box option is not available for monthly subscription. If you’d like to get a monthly subscription, you can purchase our regular or premium boxes, which would have more snacks.

Can I choose what is in my box?

Unfortunately, no. Raw Bites is designed to be a convenient and fun way to discover healthy snacks from all over the world each month. We know that scouring for healthy snacks can be painful (esp. given the current traffic situation) and costly, that’s why we carefully sourced the snacks that goes into the box – so you don’t have to! If you have any special requests to include in your box, feel free to get in touch with us and we'll try our best.

Membership & Billing Questions

How do I change my billing information?

Please email or call us to update your billing information. We will locate your order in our system and update the billing information there. This only applies to subscriptions. For non-subscription purchases, you can change your payment details everytime you make a new purchase.

How do I update my address?

Login to your account dashboard and click “view addresses” next to your subscription plan then 'Edit' to change your shipping info. All address change requests must be made before the 25th of the month, or the following month’s box will be shipped to the existing address.

Am I eligible for a replacement box or a refund?

Raw Bites will replace your box if you are dissatisfied (i.e. expired food). To receive a new box, you mush ship the box back with all items unopened. You must notify us within 7 days of receiving the box. Photographs may be requested. If we cannot replace your box, we will issue a refund for that month’s box.

What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment, we are accepting bank deposit (BPO and BPI) and credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) for any plan. You will see a charge from “RAWBITESPH” under your credit card bill. Depending on your selected plan, you may receive a recurring charge from us.

How am I charged?

All published prices are indicated in Philippines Peso (PHP); however, our clearing bank is in Hong Kong. As such, your credit card may be charged with the published PHP rate HKD equivalent of the published price.

How does the recurring payment work?

If you're signed up to a recurring payment, every month, you'll get an order notification from Raw Bites (i.e. it automatically creates a new order for you) - that way, you know when you're billed.

What is your cancellation policy?

We’re sorry to see you go! Subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time by emailing us at When you decide to cancel your subscription, your current subscription plan will still be in effect but you will not be billed for the next period. Subscription cancellations must be made at least 10 days prior to your subscription renewal date (i.e. if you ordered a 3-mo box in Jan 15, you need to cancel it within 80 days from your first payment, April 5). If you complete the cancellation outside the 10-day grace period, the cancellation will go into effect immediately BUT you will still be billed for and receive the following months box / remaining boxes from your subscription. There are no cancellation fees.

I am going on vacation, how can I pause my subscription / recurring payment?

Please email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

When am I billed?

Our billing policy varies according to your subscription type and order date. For monthly subscriptions, you will be billed every 30 days from your first payment. For 3-, 6-, and annual subscription, you will be billed every 90, 180, and 360 days.

What if I want to upgrade my plan?

We cannot upgrade in the middle of your subscription cycle. We can only upgrade the box type before the initial shipment of your subscription plan. Inform us 10 days prior to renewal through our Contact page or email us at

Shipping Info

What courier do you use?

We will be using a 3rd-party courier for all shipments in the Philippines. Metro Manila subscribers will be notified via SMS on top of the email notification that will be sent to all subscribers every time we fulfill an order.

How do I track my order?

Every time we ship your order, we will be notifying you via SMS or email. Unfortunately, our 3rd-party courier cannot provide any tracking numbers. Our shipments are tracked using receipients' data so if you haven't received your box within 1-3 days for MM customers and 3-5 days for provincial customers please email us at and we’ll sort it out for you as soon as possible. We plan to ship every order during the 1st week of the month (unless there are long holidays such as holy week or unforeseen calamities), it is likely that customers will receive their orders on different days.

Do you ship anywhere in the Philippines?

Yes – we do :) Unfortunately, due to the volume of orders, we cannot do meet-ups (just in case you’re wondering). We will be participating in events, bazaars, and trade shows though if you’d like to see the people behind Raw Bites and order from there.

When will my Raw Bites box arrive?

It is most likely that all customers will have received their boxes by the 1st working week of the month. Please refer to ‘how do I track my order’ for details on how to track your parcel.

Grocery E-Commerce

Why should I subscribe if I can buy the products individually?

Not all products in the box will be available in our e-grocery. Likewise, there will be some healthy products that will never be in the box but will be available for purchase (i.e. full-size granola or blends). The products in the month's box will also not be immediately available for purchase online. Our subscription boxes are meant to give you a sampler of healthy snacks with bonus vouchers from like-minded brands and businesses. No vouchers will be included in any purchase from our e-grocery.

Can my order be shipped together with my box subscription and waive the P120 shipping fee for orders under P2500?

We cannot guarantee that your grocery order can be shipped with your box since our scheduled dispatch for grocery orders is every Tuesday. For example, all orders placed from Tues-Mon will be included in the following Tuesday's dispatch. For MM deliveries, please expect delivery within 3-5 business days. For provincial deliveries, please expect delivery within seven (7) business days.

If I order a Trial subscription and a grocery item under P2500, will I be charged P120 shipping fee twice?

Yes since we cannot guarantee that both items will be delivered at the same time. Even if they were delivered at the same time, our courier actually charges us per package and not per location. Hope you understand.

How does Bite Crumb redemption work for grocery?

First of all, you need to be logged in to your account for the Bite Crumb values to update. If you have enough Bite Crumbs, you’ll see a bright orange button saying “buy for XX Bite Crumbs”. If you do NOT have enough Bite Crumbs, you’ll see a faded orange button showing you how many more Bite Crumbs you need to purchase the item. For example, if you have 5000 Bite Crumbs and the item is worth 5250 Bite Crumbs, the faded button will show you “You need 250 Bite Crumbs more”.

Note that we do not allow partial redemption for Bite Crumbs (i.e. you cannot split the payment between cash and Bite Crumbs upon checkout).

What happens when I click “Buy for XX Bite Crumbs?”

Since you have enough Bite Crumbs, it will check you out and count that as one (1) separate order. Note that you should have enough Bite Crumbs to cover for shipping fee. Yes, there is a chance that you’ll have multiple orders. Don’t worry, we will only charge you one (1) shipping fee if you were charged multiple times. Refunds will be managed accordingly. For credit card payments, you will be refunded the additional shipping fees within 48 hours. For bank deposits, we will email you an updated invoice.

How come I cannot split payments between cash and Bite Crumbs?

It’s a limitation of our rewards software at the moment and we’re working on making improvements on the rewards program. We appreciate your patience and patronage for now :)

Points & Rewards

How does the rewards point program work?

Our rewards program is designed to give you the best value from your membership. You can earn bite crumbs (i.e. points) by subscribing, gifting the subscription box, sharing our store on your social networks, social follows, referring customers, or giving feedback on the products in the box.

How can I see the points I’ve earned?

Once you are logged in, you can view the points that you’ve earned

How much are reward points worth?

Please refer to our EARN REWARDS page for more details.