How it all began

Gail & Jane in Barcelona, Spain (2014)

Two old friends who snacked on the cheapest McDonald’s sundae everyday on their way home from school have now evolved into health and fitness enthusiasts. In our journey to improve ourselves, we stumbled upon great snacks with amazing health benefits without sacrificing taste or quality.

There are two things we love most: good food and travel. Having both lived and traveled to various countries for the past few years, we were fortunate enough to be exposed to a wide selection of healthy and nutritious snacks! Staying healthy and fit doesn’t necessarily mean starving yourself until the next meal, and we’re here to deliver those same discoveries to you.

A lot of these snacks are not yet available in the Philippines, and we wanted to share these new innovations in food. We wholly believe in our products that we both left our corporate jobs to embark on this new venture. We wanted to create something that we’d look forward to every morning. We made it our mission to source a variety of snacks from all sorts of suppliers, international or local, big or small and send them in a box for you to discover every month.

We know that being healthy is a challenge especially if you’re stuck in an office job from 8 to 5pm, let alone the traffic that you have to endure everyday. Although we do not promise any weight-loss or some form of healing by eating our snacks, we know that by substituting your regular junk-food chips for one of our bars, you’re on your way to a healthier and fitter you!