Candid Coffee Honey Cereal 250g (Ground or Whole Bean)


Roast Date:

  • Whole Bean: 8 Apr 2024
  • Ground: 8 Apr 2024

Candid is a 3rd wave coffee roasting company that focuses on making fresh & premium coffee, sourced from overseas, and local.

Vibrant and flavorful breakfast-type of coffee. Each sip is like getting liquid hugs from Winnie the Pooh, minus the awkward body contact

FLAVOR NOTES: frosted Corn Flakes, bright honey, dried cranberry

  • Origin #1: Vietnam Arabica sc-18
  • Origin #2: Brazil Santos
  • Natural Process
  • Roast Level: Omni Roast (medium)

Storage Temp: 21C, Container: Airtight

Can last for a year if unopened. To guarantee freshness, we recommend consumption within 3 months after the packaging has been opened.

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