3 Reasons Why Hi-Oleic Peanuts Rock

3 Reasons Why Hi-Oleic Peanuts Rock

3 Reasons Why Hi-Oleic Peanuts Rock

Peanut butter in any form is good. We won't argue with that. But what if we told you there is a specific kind of peanut that takes peanut butter from good to "this is good for YOU"? Let us tell you a little bit about the kind of peanuts we watch out for in our choice of peanut butter. They're called "hi-oleic peanuts," otherwise known as the Rolls Royce of peanuts. Why? Allow us to give you three awesome reasons.

Why do hi-oleic peanuts rock?

1. They are filled with good, healthy fat that "cleans" our bodies.

Yes, you heard it right: Good, healthy fats clean out bodies in a specific way. Not all fats are bad, and the good fat in hi-oleic peanuts is known as Oleic Acid. This is a good, plant-based fat that is actually proven to reduce our levels of LDL — "bad cholesterol" while increasing the levels of HDL or "good cholesterol". (You need good HDL cholesterol to clean out the harmful LDL from your blood vessels that cause heart attacks and strokes. You also need HDL to stabilize cellular function in your body.)  The high level of oleic acid in these types of peanuts makes them more hardy, so they have a shelf life that is 8 times longer than conventional peanuts.

2. It lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition famously discovered in a 1999 study that people who consumed peanuts, natural peanut butter, and olive oil, in particular (again, all monounsaturated, plant-based fats) had a reduced risk for heart-related diseases, by at least 21 percent compared to the average American diets that were identified as "low fat". Since then, research has gotten more evident surrounding monounsaturated fats, and since hi-oleic peanuts have an "enhanced oil chemistry," they are actually good for your heart! (Of course, as with any fat, manage your intake.)

3 Reasons Why Hi-Oleic Peanuts Rock

3. It reduces body fat.

Because hi-oleic peanuts are lower in sucrose (the natural sugar that occurs in plant-based foods), they can actually regulate our craving cycles so we don't want to eat as much. Reduced food intake means our bodies can actually burn more stored fat in between activities and meal times, ergo, eating hi-oleic nuts encourages fat loss and weight management. 

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3 Reasons Why Hi-Oleic Peanuts Rock

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