5 Plants That Cleanse Your Home

5 Plants That Cleanse Your Home

5 Plants That Cleanse Your Home

Air pollution doesn’t just exist outdoors. You may think that the air in our houses is clean and clear, but the truth is we inhale contaminants like dust, smoke, pesticides and other harmful chemicals at home every day.

Fortunately there is a safe way to improve the quality of indoor air, with the help of nature. No need for an air purifier when you have these 5 indoor plants that cleanse your home.

Lady Palm
Scientific name: Rhapis Excelsa

Lady palm is perfect for the home because it’s easy to grow, and does well in low sunlight. The NASA Clean Air Study has found this plant to be effective against formaldehyde, the most common indoor air pollutant, and ammonia. It grows slowly and lives long, so you should definitely look for a permanent space for it, should you decide to own one.

Scientific name: Chrysanthemum Morifolium

This flowering plant doesn’t just make any room beautiful, but helps filter the air around it, too. It’s great against benzene, a component often found in detergent, glue, and plastic products. Remember, though, that while it is easy to care for and can thrive indoors, this plant can be toxic to pets like dogs and cats when ingested.

5 Plants That Cleanse Your Home

Snake Plant
Scientific name: Sansevieria Trifasciata

This versatile plant is able to survive with both a little or a lot of sunlight. It belongs to the succulent family, so it doesn’t need to be watered regularly. Great for inexperienced plant owners, the Snake Plant clears the air of trichloroethylene found in solvents and refrigerants, and toluene which may be found in nail polish, ink, and stain removers. Plus, it also converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night!

English Ivy
Scientific name: Hedera Helix

Another easy maintain house plant, English Ivy can do well in small spaces with minimal light. This plant also helps fight formaldehyde in the air, which often comes from pressed wood and artificial carpet dye.

5 Plants That Cleanse Your Home

Boston Fern
Scientific name: Nephrolepis Exaltata

The Boston Fern, being rather high maintenance, is a great addition to the homes of experienced plant owners.  It needs to be watered regularly, and thrives in high humidity. It is worth the effort owning one, however, because it is the best plant to use against formaldehyde. It also fights against benzene and xylene found in gasoline exhaust, which can easily creep into the home through open windows or the garage.

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