Change Your Habits in 30 Days

Change Your Habits in 30 Days

Change Your Habits in 30 Days

Hal Elrod, author of “The Best Year Ever”, is a foremost expert on the art of habits. From being formerly paralyzed due to an almost fatal accident, Elrod made it his mission in life to teach people that they can succeed and overcome their limiting beliefs. He compiled his learnings into another best-selling book, “The Miracle Morning,” where he prescribes a secret formula to help people start their days with the best mindset and attitude for success.

The world’s top leadership and success coaches all subscribe to ONE common belief. It’s this:

“You don't get radical results without small rituals done consistently.”

Change Your Habits in 30 Days

These small rituals are things we take for granted. Things like waking up (early!), drinking water, writing things down, reading.... They all seem mundane, especially to people who are rushing and busy. But if you look at all the successful people in various industries (especially in the mega trend industries of tech, yes, even of health and wellness), you’ll see that these people have developed themselves in the ultimate secret of personal development: having daily rituals.

The most successful personal development trainer in history, the late Jim Rohn, said,

"Income seldom exceeds personal development. If you want to have more, you must become more. Success is something you attract by the person you become." (Jim Rohn)

You want to be successful? Be a better person by developing consistent good habits, ergo, daily rituals.

Some examples of people who do this is top business coach Tony Robbins, who has his "Hour of Power" every morning which consists of exercise, affirmations, visualization, and meditation. The world’s richest entrepreneur Bill Gates exercises an hour a day and listens to personal development courses throughout the day while he works.

Here’s a simple “morning ritual”

If you want to rewire the way your day goes, simply do what successful people are already doing. We recommend trying out this simple morning ritual. If you can set aside the first few minutes of your day for this — and do this consistently every day for 30 days — you’ll really see the difference in your way of doing things, even in the outcome of your work, your health.

Change Your Habits in 30 Days

  1. Upon waking up: Wash your face, and drink a glass of water. (Have that with you the night before, on your beside table. DO NOT CHECK YOUR PHONE.
  2. After drinking, be quiet in your mind and block the chatter through meditation, prayer or focused breathing, for three minutes.
  3. Affirmations: Tell yourself encouraging words to achieve goals, overcome fears and feel happy. (Read our article on Positive Affirmations, which is connected to this.) Do this for a minute.
  4. Visualization: See your goals as you achieve them. You want to travel to Europe next year? Visualize yourself in that country you want to visit; feel good about what you see in your imagination and absorb that energy. Do this for three minutes.
  5. Read for 5 minutes, from a self-development book, and fill your brain with positive thoughts and ideas to improve yourself. Do this for five minutes, ideally using a REAL book, not your phone!
  6. Journal/Write your thoughts: Write a journal to process your thoughts and reflect on what you've just read. Date it. Take just five minutes to write down ONE key takeaway from what you’ve read.
  7. Exercise: Go for a walk, get moving allows blood and oxygen to flow to brain. Do at least 20 minutes of exercise.
  8. Eat a proper breakfast. Something high protein and low in fat. Check out our Recipes for ideas!

The first 10 days of this will be the most difficult, because you’ll be adjusting to a new habit. But if the most successful people in the world are doing these morning rituals, doesn’t it follow that you can become a better person if you try to for yourself?

Once you give yourself 10 days to get through this consistently (yes, even on weekends), then the next 10 will be easier, and the final 10 days of the 30-day “habit-forming” phase will come more naturally. In fact, you’ll like it!
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