Daily positive affirmations

Daily positive affirmations

“Stay positive!” We see this message emblazoned on Facebook memes and Instagram quotes everywhere. It’s the running theme of almost every self-development book, every other life coach on the web. These and other positive affirmations are (or can be) powerful tools that we can harness to manifest health, gratefulness, even goals.

You’ve heard of the “Law of Attraction”, or the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. No matter our age or religious inclinations, we are all susceptible to this governing law. What we focus on can be either positive or negative, thus, you become what you attract, in other words.

So why not attract positivity, health, abundance and all good things, right? According to noted self-help guru and one of the founders of the modern self-development movement, Louise Hay, “How you start your day is how you live your life.” If you begin your days with the mindset that you can be successful at your work, happy in whatever situation you’re in, and generally have a positive outlook, you become more aware of what you put out into the world. In being of a positive mindset, you minimize the negativity that you could attract into your life.

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Here’s how to start your day with positive affirmations and the right mindset.

  1. Greet the day with gratitude, as soon as you wake up. Admit it: Usually you greet the day with “Shit, I have work today,” and start your day on that very sour note. (That might explain why most days, we begin with a negative mindset, which affects our work, even our relationships.) Top life coach Anthony “Tony” Robbins recommends starting the top of the morning with a short “prayer” of three things you are grateful for. “When you are grateful, you can’t be angry,” he says, which motivates you to keep up the practice of bringing blessings into your life. (It may seem weird in the beginning, but you can definitely start feeling the difference this can make in your day, once it becomes a habit.)
  2. Do some morning stretches. We’ve blogged before about the benefits of doing daily stretches. Your morning stretch routine is one of the best ways to begin your day while you manifest your daily affirmations. When we’re caught up in the busy-ness of each day, we often lose sight of “the little things” that matter, our health, our growth. During your stretch routine, incorporate some positive affirmations, like “I am healthy”, “my body is strong,” and “I am a confident person,” and so on. Studies show that people who are generally optimistic are also healthier in mind and body, meaning they have healthier hearts, too. 
  3. Arm stretch up
  4. Manifest something you would like to happen for you. Manifesting is the practice of uttering and thinking of a goal or achievement, placing yourself in a state of being that has already accomplished or achieved that goal. Let’s say you are manifesting a job you want. What do you do? Try uttering an “I am a boss lady” affirmation, and amplify it with further affirmations. Let’s say you don’t like your job. Manifest positivity by uttering “I like my job,” and amplify it with “I am learning something new each day at this job.” Done as a habit, manifestation can help you gain the confidence you need to step out of your comfort zone, to pursue that which you have yet to achieve.
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