Do You Want Some Candy? ft. Candy Kittens

Do You Want Some Candy? ft. Candy Kittens

Our favorite memory as children were the times when we got to indulge on yummy, gummy candies that gave us sugar highs and deep happiness. But as we grew older and we grew to understand that candy is only meant for “special occasions”, we had to look for more “grown-up” candy that won’t be bad for our health -- and, guess what, we found it in Candy Kittens!

Candy Kittens is a UK brand started by actor Jamie Laing and his business partner Ed Williams back in 2012. They wanted to make quality gourmet candies with natural ingredients, authentic flavoring, and eye-catching packaging. They recently launched new packaging designs that are sure to make people want to buy their candies more. They’ve also made all of their products vegan, so our vegan friends can join in on the Candy Kittens family.

We’ve been featuring their candies in our boxes and selling them in our e-Grocery in the past several months, and now we’re curious to know - what flavor are you? Take this simple quiz to find out!

Candy Kittens Quiz

We currently have these three flavors in our inventory, but what else would you like us to bring to the Philippines? Let us know in the comments below!


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