"Eat Right, Stay Brilliant."

"Eat Right, Stay Brilliant."

"Eat Right, Stay Brilliant."

One of our favorite health food brands in the world is Rude Health. "Eat Right, Stay Brilliant" is their mantra, and clearly this company doesn't mince words or scrimp on bringing out real, high quality food. So we want to explore this mantra a bit more: Just how do we eat right and be brilliant? Well, here's our take on it.

On "eating right"

Eating right is so much more than going low-fat, low-calorie, no cholesterol. By "right", we've come to the conclusion that food has to be sourced and prepared a certain way, and it also has to be good for you, nothing else. Aside from that, it means also developing some simple, lifestyle habits, starting with the basics: Drinking more water; reading food labels and being conscious of what we buy; cooking food from scratch; eating slower during meals so that we feel better at the end.

"Eat Right, Stay Brilliant."

On "staying brilliant"

Brilliance, for us, means being a product of our food decisions and habits. You know what they say: "Garbage in, garbage out." When we eat right, our bodies are proof of that nutrition. Naturally, we will become the evidence of whatever we put into our bodies. We'll look younger, feel better inside and out, and have more energy. This aspect alone is staying brilliant.

But, brilliance is about shining, about making a difference. When we are in peak health, doesn't it follow that we can do more, be more, and achieve more for ourselves and for others? We can be brilliant by going beyond our own needs and start looking out for the needs of others. Brilliance is about making a difference, no matter how big or small. If by eating right, we can approach our daily lives with the same intentionality, then we will be better people by the day.

"Eat Right, Stay Brilliant."

A Bit About Rude Health

Co-founded in London by Nick & Camilla Barnard, Rude Health is unapologetic about being upfront and honest —which is what their food products are. Nothing is made with shortcuts, thanks to Nick's and Camilla's philosophy on ingredients and food prep. In fact, when the company began in 2005, they hand-made the "Ultimate Muesli", producing batches in their home kitchen using the best all-natural, clean ingredients available. Their oatmeals made it to the pages of London's most prestigious magazines (and famously, the pantry of none other than domesitc diva, Nigella Lawson).

Through expansion and product development, Rude Health found its way to supermarket shelves, garnered a Great Taste Award for its granola, and became a social media staple with the hashtag #EatRight.

And now, here they are... in the Philippines, exclusively through Raw Bites.Yay! Get your Rude Health goodies each month with your Raw Bites Box! Order now.

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