From Your Valentine, Raw Bites

From Your Valentine, Raw Bites

Valentine’s Day has been a tradition for over several centuries, but it was not always associated with love and romance. Ancient Roman tradition celebrated a pagan festival called Lupercalia that centered on the birth of their founders, Remus and Romulus. It was a day of fertility, since men and women were often paired off on this day, which eventually ended in their marriages. The Catholic Church then Christianized the festival as St. Valentine’s Day, celebrating the life and work of the martyr that married young couples in secret during a time when marriages among the young adults were outlawed. February was soon associated with the month of romance and love while it’s 14th day is when couples all around celebrated their relationships with candies, chocolates, flowers, and other gifts.

From Your Valentine, Raw Bites

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve drummed up a very special treat for our subscribers this love month: a Valentines box from Raw Bites! We scoured through our stocks and partner brands to come up with a box filled with healthy sweets that will make your heart skip a beat -in a good way.

Something sweet for your sweetheart are bags of Candy Kittens in Wild Strawberry and Sweet Pineapple. These sweets are reminiscent of the special bags of candy we had when we were kids. What better way to spend Valentine’s then getting healthy candy alternatives? Jealous Sweets is also making an appearance in your Valentine’s box, in the Grizzly Bear and Tangy Worms flavors.

How can a February go by without any caramel treats? We’re throwing in Martin’s Apple Chips in Caramel Dream to hit the sweet tooth in caramel lovers among you.

Valentine’s Day is, of course, never complete without (you guessed it) chocolate! Doisy and Dam Maca Vanilla makes super healthy chocolate bars so we definitely had to include it in the box. Cocoa in Coffee Choc Mulberry and Cashew in Coffee Choc are also making a presence inside the Valentine’s box this year. And you know what, we’ve added an even better treat for you! If you get our Valentine’s Box, it will be available for Php995 on our site! You will be saving over 350 pesos compared to buying the items one by one. What a steal! Now go let your hearts be merry!

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