Here’s To The Future: The April Raw Bites Box

We’re saying hello to another month with big smiles and excited hearts because - you’ve guessed it - April is our birthday month! We sent out the first Raw Bites box in April 2017, and it’s been an amazing journey unboxing healthy with our subscribers. We’ve partnered up with local and international brands who share our vision of living a healthy lifestyle through snacking healthily.

Here’s To The Future: The April Raw Bites Box

Getting a business off the ground is an exciting adventure, filled with missteps and high points that serve as learning experiences that help us grow as a brand and as entrepreneurs. We were lucky to find a purpose in bringing healthy brands into the Philippines. We were exposed to healthy snack options when we were spending time abroad. When we decided to research on local brands, we were ecstatic to find that there were all-organic food brands in our country. We took a chance, started contacting companies here and abroad, which led to where we are today.

This April, we’re including a lot of goodies inside your Raw Bites box. Most of them have been favorites of our subscribers, so it’s no wonder they’re part of both regular and premium boxes this month! The Pulsin Super Berry Brownie, the Beond Blueberry, Minor Figures Milk Cold Brew, Or Tea White Peony, Angelic Cookies Double Chocolate, Vivani White Nougat Crisp, Urban Fruit in Mango, and the Inspiral Beetroot Acerola Kale Chips are all the main players in the April Raw Bites box.

The premium box, on the other hand, will have these additional items to sweeten the deal: the Luv Sum Protein Ball in Cashew Coconut, the Simplee Aloe Aloe Vera Water, the Candy Kittens in Sweet Peach, the Rose’s Kitchen Creamy Pli Cashew Nut Butter, and the Usares Farms Roasted Pili Nuts. We’re also throwing in a 500-peso discount voucher to Keds to make this month’s boxes more special. Remember to tag us in your future purchases!

Here’s To The Future: The April Raw Bites Box

In the year we’ve been operating, is there anything you want us to do in our future boxes? We’re always excited to hear from our subscribers. It is with your help that we continue to grow, and your feedback is always valued here at Raw Bites. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our Instagram!


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