It’s Rose’s Turn: All-Natural Nut Butters from Rose’s Kitchen

It’s Rose’s Turn: All-Natural Nut Butters from Rose’s Kitchen

The healthiest peanut butter are those made purely from nuts, free of any added salt, sugar, and oils which can be bad for you when ingested in big quantities. So we’ve been scouring the market for brands that will provide with good alternatives to the ol’ peanut butter, and we’ve found it in Rose’s Kitchen. The brainchild of Mary Rose Cabigao has been a hit with the Philippine market and we’re excited to bring them into the Raw Bites family.

It’s Rose’s Turn: All-Natural Nut Butters from Rose’s Kitchen

Rose’s Kitchen makes yummy all-natural nut butters that are simultaneously healthy and decadent. They currently have five flavors you could choose from: Vanilla Cashew, Creamy Pili Cashew, Roasted Almond, Coconut Pili Almond, and Cinnamon Almond Cashew. They use ingredients from local farms, including at least two to five of them in each flavor. Mixing and matching ingredients has enabled them to come up with amazing flavors that elevate your breakfast toast. They ditch the peanuts for cashews, almonds, and pili nuts for a more nutritious concoction. These totally vegan spreads do not have any refined sugar or preservatives. Pili nuts, in particular, develop a chewy, buttery texture once roasted. It’s like cookie butter, but better. And trust us, once you climb on the bandwagon, you’ll never go back.

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You can also put a dollop of their nut butters in your smoothie for that added flavor. It gives you the good fat that your body needs. If you find that peanut butters are not to your taste, try their almond butter. Just the right balance of nutty crunch and good flavor. If you’re on the ketogenic/paleogenic diets, the Roasted Almond nut butter is perfect for you. Made with only two ingredients (roasted almonds and Himalayan sea salt), it retains all of the health nutrients of the almonds for you to absorb. You can also mix the Vanilla Cashew into your pancake mix or use the Cinnamon Almond Cashew as a topping with nuts and fruits!

It’s Rose’s Turn: All-Natural Nut Butters from Rose’s Kitchen

We’re currently selling jars of their nut butters in our e-Grocery so head on over there to nab some yummy buttery goodness! You can purchase them at P175 for 100 grams off our site.

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Adoracion Bamba - December 17, 2018

I attend wedding last nov. 15 2018 ang give aways or souveniers at naka box na may laman na 2 small jars na nuts almond and cashew, nakakaiba na souveniers, ng matikman ko w/ my family nasarapan kami, lalo na yong almond peanut butter,taste good /delicious yummy talaga very healty. Ask ko lang kong san makabili.

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