Picky Eater Picks That Are Healthy and Good for Kids

Picky Eater Picks That Are Healthy and Good for Kids

We know, we know; we're sounding like a broken record when we say that healthy eating is a habit. But we truly believe it and we will keep on giving tips and solutions to not only make it habitual, but to make it a lifestyle among Filipinos. 

Picky Eater Picks That Are Healthy and Good for Kids

Who are the moms or dads (or grandparents? Aunts and uncles?) here? This article is really for you. We all know that sugar addiction starts when we are in our youth. And so it follows that if we want to train our kids to make healthy choices, we have to start 'em young! It's a good thing our company is bringing into the market a number of healthy choices that satisfy kids' cravings for snacks with a certain crunch, texture and taste. Here are some picky-eater picks that can help you offer your kids something substantial while still letting them have that snack-worthy satisfaction.

Peanut butter and berry mash sandwiches.

Peanut butter and berry mash sandwiches. We all knew and loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. (Well, provided we weren't allergic to nuts!) These sandwiches are an excellent post-workout snack for adults, but they are an amazing energizing, protein-loaded meal for kids. We suggest Pic's Peanut Butter, because it has absolutely no added sugar and won't give your kids that crash. Combine this with some mashed berries sweetened with stevia (or non-refined sweetener) and slather the combo on a slice of protein bread or wholegrain toast. Voila: A perfect "baon" or afterschool snack!

Raw veggie chips.

Raw veggie chips. It's annoying when your kids don't want to eat veggies, isn't it? But it's not their fault that we got them used to overly-salted, sodium-filled chips and french fries (which are full of harmful trans fats, too). Ease them into the habit of looking for veggie chips instead. (Have a look at our Crisps section of the Shop for choices!) We highly recommend The Giving Tree's Vacuum-Fried Broccoliwhich are rich in bone-building calcium; Take Root's Vegan Cheeze Kale Chips, the most nutrient-dense of all the veggies (which, we guarantee will wean them off those fatty tortilla cheese chips for good!). The best thing about veggie chips? They are so flavorful and dense, kids will actually eat less quantities of it and so you don't have to worry about them razing through an entire packet. 

Cheese and crackers. Kids love cheese, it's a fact. But a lot of processed cheese spreads are nothing more than synthetic cheese foods mixed with loads of preservatives and devoid of nutrition. (Those commercials are lying to you.) Give your kids instead a batch of Oaty Biscuits with a slap of cream cheese and a drizzle of raw honey. The sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy texture drives kids wild and will keep them filled with healthy fiber, calcium, and just a tad of natural sugar for energy. 

Cereal as snacks. Remember when you were a kid and you'd grab some frosted flakes or cheerio loops and snack for hours? Well, don't fall for marketing ploys that promote these snacks as healthy. A majority of big-name cereals are just copious amounts of sugar with a teeny-tiny bit of fiber. And we all know that kids need lots of good fiber to keep their tummies running smoothly. So give them an alternative like Rude Health Honey Puffed Oats Cereal, which have the crunch of a cereal, enough sweentess to keep them satisfied, and they can be eaten on their own or sprinkled over fruity yogurt for a more filling snack (or breakfast!)

At the end of the day, picky eaters aren't so because they want to be a pain. Really, they are just looking for interesting food choices! You can make these snack ideas even more interesting by serving them with colorful fruit, raw vegetable sticks and even grilled or baked chips (sweet potato chips sprinkled with sea salt and pepper are always a great hit). Whatever you do, keep your choices purposefully nutrient-filled and varied. Happy prepping!

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