Raw Bites Spotlight: MillennX Active Wear

Raw Bites Spotlight: MillennX Active Wear


Our partner brand, MillennX by the design team, GJ Coher (Glenn Hernandez and Jamille Co), is passionate about sustaining the highest quality for their product line of global-standard athletic lifestyle wear. They're known for their bold aesthetic, sophisticated palette, and unique designs, and also for the versatility of the apparel. 

1. What makes MillennX different from the athletic wear brands we have been used to (i.e. popular foreign brands, etc.)

First of all, MillennX is a 100% Filipino brand. Although all materials are sourced from different countries, each and every product is designed and manufactured by ourselves.

2. What do you think of the "athleisure" trends? Where do you see yourself filling in a need?

For us, athleisure is no longer considered a trend, but more of a lifestyle. Because of the speed of technological advancement, people no longer do manual work nowadays. In order to make-up for the lack of physical activities, people are now more focused on working out and making that a staple of their daily life.

Additionally, global warming has already made people prefer to wear clothes that are more comfortable and easier to wear. Because of this, we have chosen to traverse this path and introduce a local athleisure clothing brand that can compete internationally.


3. What was your first product and how did it pave the way for where you are now?

Our very first product was actually aprons for a food commissary. Since we have already invested on a couple of machineries, we decided to be more experimental and come up with our own line of sportsbras and leggings as we got tired of spending thousands of pesos for workout clothes. The rest is history.

4. Is athleticwear only for those who live an active lifestyle? Why or why not?

Believe it or not, half of our clients do not use our clothes for exercise and other fitness activities. They use our products for daily clothing for school, going to malls, hanging out, and to go clubbing. The reason for this is because they find our clothes very comfortable to wear, stylish, and flexible for their various activities, be it hardcore or chill.

5. In terms of the quality of your athletic wear: What would you say makes your clothing withstand the wear and tear of intense workouts and lifestyle?

Our brand is still very young and we are still in the early stages of development. We do our best to communicate with our clients and solicit comments and suggestions on how we can improve our products and services.

We strongly welcome negative feedbacks and violent reactions as these help us focus on where and what to improve. We also aggressively invest on complex machineries for us to be able to produce products with quality comparable to international standards.

6. We see a lot of celebrities wearing your line. How did you go about in selecting the personalities that represent your brand?

We are just fortunate that these celebrities and their styling teams trust us and choose to work with us. Perhaps they see something in our brand that can fulfill a void in the local fashion industry and we are very pleased to play that role and provide them with their needs.


7. What kind of customer would enjoy the MillennX experience?

Anyone can actually wear and enjoy our products as we cater to people of all shapes and sizes. We could possibly be the only active/athleisure wear brand that can customize our products (size) depending on the needs and uniqueness of our clients’ bodies.

MillennX is available on their website and their Facebook page.
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