Raw Bites Spotlight: Roobar

Raw Bites Spotlight: Roobar

We eat far too many packaged and processed foods as it is in this generation. There are so many choices out there that even in the health food sector, it can get wildly confusing to know which foods are really the best quality? Enter Roobar, a brand we proudly carry in our repertoire that is famously known for it’s “4 to 5 ingredient only” parameters for its addictively healthy range of raw vegan bars.


Simple is best

Simplicity is the credo of this brand, which happens to also be organic and gluten-free. Every ingredient is plant-based, consisting of superfoods, dried fruits and raw nuts. Since each bar is certified raw, they are not heat treated at all, which means they retain all the vital nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. There are also no added sugars and sweeteners, since the base of each Roobar consists of dried fruits.

Homemade goodness

The recipes for each Roobar are so simple, they actually taste as if they are homemade. Rest assured, the production process is monitored strictly, from ingredient to mixing and molding. Each ingredient passes quality standard assessment before they are all incorporated, rolled and ready to be wrapped in their happy colored wrappers.

Strictly certified

And you needn’t worry about food safety standards, because Roobar production is certified according to the highest quality standards: Compliant with the European Organic Foods Regulations as certified by Balkan Biocert, and it is also Kosher certified in London. Everything is produced in Roobar’s own state-of-the-art facility, which is equipped with the latest innovations in production technology.


Fair trade & farmer-friendly

Unlike other bigger companies where the food sourcing process is a complicated web of middlemen and liaisons, Rooba prides itself in its involvement with its suppliers. The company maintains direct contact with producers and farmers; a huge boon for a company that only chooses to work with the highest quality produce and raw ingredients. (That means when you support Roobar as a business, you are actually helping a farmer’s family have a better shot at life.)

There’s a Roobar for everyone. Again, because each bar is so simple and pure in its content, it is a great snack for anyone! Of course, vegans, vegetarians, and those with diet restrictions or disciplines will love it. As a post-workout snack, it’s packed with restorative, energy-boosting power. Best of all, it’s one of the best snacks you can reach for instead of fast food or junk food! Watch out for more Roobar products in our future boxes.

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