Rude Health is proud to be a B Corp™

Rude Health is proud to be a B Corp™


Certified B Corportations® formally commit to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment, using business as a force for good. After 16 years of living and working in rude health and 3 months of rigorous auditing, we’re proud to join the B Corp community. 


B Corp is an accreditation that celebrates how Rude Health have always done business. They call it ‘the bright way’ because it balances people, planet and profit for a brighter, better world. 

The bright way of doing business covers everything from putting our team of glass-half-fullers first with a flexible working policy and enhanced maternity and paternity leave to choosing high quality ingredients such as Sicilian almonds for their superior flavour and excellent environmental credentials. 

Rude Health's B Corp accreditation allows us to openly talk about the parts of Rude Health we’re most proud of. Like how our Dairy-free Drink packaging is made from 88% renewable materials and that we donate a minimum of 5% of annual profits to charitable causes each year. Or how our office runs on 100% renewable electricity. You get the picture. 

It will ensure we strive to never become bland, boring or uniform as we grow, only brighter


Our mission is to make the healthy choice a celebration. Not a sacrifice. We aim to leave the planet, our team and everyone who eats and drinks our food in ruder health. 

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