We are LIVE & OPEN to serve you again!

We are LIVE & OPEN to serve you again!

We're OPEN to serve you again!

Actually, we've been open since last Friday (Jul 23 at around 230pm). We got so excited and immediately made an announcement in IG. But we realized that there were so many issues that took us and our warehouse team to resolve over the weekend until just this morning! Hopefully, that'll be the last weekend where we'll have to work putting off fires.

FINALLY, all shops are synced and LIVE. Only 33% of our SKUs are LIVE as of today (28 Jul 2021) but by the end of day, we anticipate that about 75% of our SKUs are live. And we'll keep adding towards the end of the week to get to close to 90-95% active SKUs.

As we've mentioned, since we carry 1000+ SKUs (now filtered to take out slow moving so maybe around 800-900 SKUs), we won't get to 100% active SKUs since each brand will have its own production time and/or availability. 

What we're looking forward to:


The new high-tech integrated system means that there will be fewer stock outs in the future. We no longer have to manually split stocks across our 3 shops. Each shop will have the same stock level and whenever you make a purchase in ANY of the shop, the stock levels will decrease for all shops at the same time. Isn’t that cool? 😎


90% of the orders will be processed within 24 hours from time of order. We can now process orders within the same day (cut off time is 2PM). This has been the case for orders that came in since last Friday!

Note: we used to take 2-3 business days to process orders and sometimes even 3-4 days on mega campaign days.  


You'll already see this in Shopee and Lazada and we're looking at an app to enable automated bundles in our own website at www.rawbites.com.ph! 


With the manual job of packing and processing orders out of the way, we can finally focus on more marketing campaigns and promotions. 

We've already hired an extra marketing person for this (YAY for extra brain 🧠- we reached out to agencies but no one replied huhuhaha) so by August, we'll get the ball rolling on more promotions!

Anyway, that's it. We'll update you soon again on status of active SKUs towards the end of the week. 

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