Raw Bites is moving!


We're Moving!

Don’t worry, business is not closing.

We are just moving our online inventory to a much better warehouse, more suited to store consumables. 

This is a BIG project for us and we’ve been working on this for months. Since we started Raw Bites, a little over 4 years ago. We’ve grown from being just an importer & distributor of healthy snacks to an importer, distributor and authorized reseller of wholesome products.

We no longer limited our store to just consumables (even if they are still our bread and butter) but have expanded our offering to wholesome home care and personal care too. At the moment, we house close to 1000+ SKUs and roughly 90 brands from around the world. And yet, we’ve remained a 2-woman team wearing several hats – from accounting, to forecasting, to packing, to customer service, to design (yes, all our designs are in house), to web development… you name it, we’ve done or tried doing it so that we can reinvest every profit to new products or more stocks. 😆

We started as a non-existent business selling monthly subscriptions of healthy snacks. Perhaps now, we can consider ourselves as a microbusiness (naks!). And it’s really all thanks to you! Without your purchases, we wouldn’t have the motivation to keep doing what we’re doing.


So what does our move mean for you?


All our webshops (www.rawbites.com.ph, Shopee and Lazada) will be temporarily closed for one (1) business day on July 22. We need to do this so that no orders are made while we are integrating our shops to the new warehouse’s system.

All our shops will GO LIVE on July 23. We’ll do a countdown!


Our powers can only move hundreds of SKUs at a time. We had to record the dimensions of every products and make sure every product has a barcode for automation. So when we go live on July 23, you’ll find that more than 50% of our products will not be available. Don’t worry, we made sure to prioritize our top sellers. Those should be available (unless it’s Rude Health or Lizi’s where we’re still waiting for our container to arrive).

Wonky stock availability will continue on for 2-3 more weeks as we gradually move all SKUs out of our old office to the new warehouse. For this, we thank you in advance for your patience.


On a brighter note… ☀️


The new high-tech integrated system means that there will be fewer stock outs in the future. We no longer have to manually split stocks across our 3 shops (haha, yes we do that for all 1000+ SKUs). Each shop will have the same stock level and whenever you make a purchase in ANY of the shop, the stock levels will decrease for all shops at the same time. Isn’t that cool? 😎


90% of the orders will be processed within 24 hours from time of order. We can now process orders within the same day (cut off time is 2PM). YAY!

Note: we used to take 2-3 business days to process orders and sometimes even 3-4 days on mega campaign days. huhuhaha 


Price changes will be implemented for select products to ensure that each transaction is still financially viable…given the new cost of warehousing, manpower, etc. But to make up for some price increases, we will be introducing a LOT of flexi-combos (in Shopee and Lazada only) and bundles in the coming weeks so you get a better deal when you buy more.


With the manual job of packing and processing orders out of the way, we can finally focus on more marketing campaigns and promotions. There were days when all we did was pack, pack, pack and we didn’t even have time to think anymore. Finally, we can breathe!

If you’ve read until this part, we admire your patience. Thank you!


So to summarize:

  • Jul 22: temporary store closure
  • Jul 23: stores live again (stock availability will be a bit off for a couple weeks after that as we do partial migrations)
  • Faster order processing (90% within 24 hours and same day processing for orders placed by 2PM)

In the coming days, we will do a countdown and an update on SKU availability in our shops. All these will be announced in our social media accounts and Viber group so watch those spaces! 

Again, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! Thank you for your continued support and we promise to continuously find ways to serve you better. 😄

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