The Benefits of Going Organic

The Benefits of Going Organic

We’ve all heard the term “organic food” but what does it really mean to “go organic”?

Just what are “organic food”? Organic food are food products such as fruits and vegetables that are grown without any use of additives such as pesticides and fertilizers. Organic farmers make use of natural methods in fertilizing soil and getting rid of weeds and pests. While the end product is not as “clean” or “attractive” compared to commercially grown and farmed products, they have a good deal more benefits for you. Organic farming with livestock, on the other hand, means that farmers feed their cattle with organic, natural feed free from growth hormones and antibiotics.

The benefits of going organic

Now, what are the benefits of buying organic products? We’ve gathered some for you, but it’s definitely the entire list!

High levels of vitamin and nutrient content.

Organic food has been shown to have higher levels of vitamin and nutrient content compared to those that were grown commercially. Strong pesticides don’t only strip away pests and weeds, it also takes away the nutrients from the soil the crops are planted in. Almonds have good vitamin content, and Cocoa’s Almonds in Raw Chocolate featured in our Raw Bites Box makes the best of flavor and nutrition!

Higher level of antioxidants.

Increased antioxidant content has been shown in several cases of organic farming studies. Antioxidants prevent or delay the damage experienced by cells in our body. They nourish your skin and boost your immune system. They include ascorbic acid (a.k.a Vitamin C) and Vitamin E. Rich in antioxidants, a great example would be chia seeds! Go ahead and have a bite of the Kookie Cat’s Chia Lemon Cashew and Oat Cookie and Made Good’s Chia Berries Raw Fruit and Nut Bar featured in our September Box.

It’s safer, especially for children and pregnant women.

benefits of going organic

The residue of growth hormones, pesticides, and fertilizers have severe negative effects on the human body, especially if it gets consumed by infants and children.

It lessens environmental pollution.

Organic farming lowers the pesticide residue that causes soil erosion.

It preserves the diversity of agricultural lands.

crop rotation

Natural farming methods rotate the kind of crops planted on a plot of land at a given time of year. This allows the land to “breath” and regain the nutrients lost in the previous planting season. Rotating crops results in better yield once harvest time comes around. Going organic doesn’t only benefit your body, it also benefits the world around you! So hop on the organic food train and start living healthy today. 

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