Thoughtful V-day Gift Ideas for 2019

Thoughtful V-day Gift Ideas for 2019

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, people! If you’re still scrambling for a gift for your Valentine, we have some suggestions that you could look into. The best part? They’re easily accessible and can get them anywhere!

1. Indoor Plants

Indoor Plans

Through the power of Instagram, you can now purchase an indoor plant from online sellers! Accounts suchs as @plantparenthood, @plantladyph, @thegreenhouseproject, and @succulentsph are all ready to make you a proud parent to their leafy greens. They will also be able to instruct on how to best care for the plant you purchased, so the whoever you’re giving the plant to will be equipped with the basic knowledge of taking care of the gift you’ll give them.


2. Scented Candles
Scented Candle
Scented candles can really change the vibe of the room. From vanilla scents to woodsy aromas, one candle can fill up an entire room. It could create a peaceful and calm oasis reminiscent of a day by the seaside or energize and invigorate your senses with citrus notes. For colorful, decorative scented candles, check out Punchdrunk Panda’s new line of scented candles. They look good but they smell even better!


3. Valentine’s Box
Raw Bites Valentines Box
Filled with sweet treats and healthy snacks, the Valentine’s Box is the ideal gift if you’re looking to start a fitness journey with your loved one. These goodies are a favorite among Raw Bites subscribers, so you and your significant other will surely enjoy this special holiday box. If you want to get one for them, simply go to

4. Stamps
Personalized Stamps
For the artsy, creative significant other, a custom-made stamp may just be the perfect gift for them this Valentine’s. Get their name or initials made into a stamp and they can use it to personalize their own gifts or paperwork. If you’re creative enough, an illustration of one of their selfies can be laser-cut by an artisan.

5. Customized stickers
Customized Sticker
If you’re handy with Photoshop or any other photo illustration software, then you can make personalized stickers for your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can make anything from vectorized versions of their photos or things that interest them - movies, book characters, and song lyrics, for example. Print them on sticker paper and cut out into desired outlines, and voila! The perfect heartfelt gift.
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