Tips on How to Eat More Veggies Everyday

Tips on How to Eat More Veggies Everyday

Ahhh, veggies. We might have had a tumultuous relationship with them in our childhood. We all had our sworn enemies within the family - broccoli, spinach, bitter gourd, etc. Of course, we eventually overcame our dislike for veggies as we grew older and learned their value in our health. But with today’s commercial options of processed food and additives, we must be more active in trying to include veggies in our diet. Worry not, because here are some tips for you on how to add more veggies into your daily life.

1. Add leafy greens in your sandwiches.

Tips on How to Eat More Veggies Everyday

Sandwiches are great because they’re so flexible. They can be a full meal or a quick snack. And the best part is that you can put almost anything in a sandwich which is why you should always try to add some lettuce in your sandwich, even if it’s a simple ham and cheese. Throw in some tomatoes when the mood hits.

2. Keep some spinach always on hand.

Tips on How to Eat More Veggies Everyday

Spinach is another flexible vegetable since it can easily be added to any recipe. Just googling spinach recipes have tons of results, and Martha Stewart compiled a list of several recipes for spinach-based meals and snacks. For snacks, you can make a spinach dip to spread on your bread for a quick and easy snack you can bring to work.

3. Mix and match veggies with the idea of your favorite food.

In her Youtube series “Try Living with Lucie” on Refinery29, Lucie Fink tried eating only pizza for five whole days. Yes, pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! But she was very smart in consulting a nutritionist who recommended that she take the idea of a pizza and combine with it the traditional idea of, say, breakfast.” On one of her five days, she made a Greek salad pizza complete with dough and veggies.

4. Find healthy “junk food” that have veggies in them.

Made Good Mini Granolas

Head on over to the nearest grocery and stroll the aisle for some options. But if you’d rather not, Raw Bites always has your back! We’ve partnered with brands that makes it their goal to bring veggie snacks to the market. Made Good Granola Minis have 6 types of veggies in their slew of granolas and The Giving Tree has packed mixed veggies for easy snacking. Head on over to our e-Grocery to find healthy veggie snacks that you’ll definitely like.

Making a lifestyle change takes small steps. So don’t worry about having a complete meal overhaul. Start with snacks and smaller meals to get more veggies in you. Happy eating!

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