Why choose organic tea - feat. Jones Tea

Why choose organic tea - feat. Jones Tea

Everyone knows that there are coffee drinkers and then there are tea lovers. It’s like apples to oranges - one is not necessarily better than the other. We’ve featured a lot of coffee-based products in our boxes and e-Grocery, so this week we’re focusing on the benefits of going organic with your tea. That’s right - tea could get better if you go the organic route. Here’s how:

1. It’s healthier.

Why choose organic tea - feat. Jones Tea

Organic tea plants are grown without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Though they may be washed before distribution, any residue is bad to a person’s health. Err on the side of caution and go with organically grown tea.

2. It would improve the lives of tea farmers.

Why choose organic tea - feat. Jones Tea

Since organic tea is grown without the use of pesticides, this will have a positive impact on the lives of the farmers that grow them. Pesticides and other chemicals are often applied by spraying them on to the plant, releasing their harmful effects into the air - tea farmers are susceptible to inhaling them even if they use face masks. In worse conditions, pesticides are required to be applied by hand which can be absorbed by their skin. Organic tea eliminates pesticide poisoning and cancer from affecting these farmers.

3. It’s better for the plant itself.

Without the side effects of using pesticides and other dangerous chemicals, organic tea plants are grown in a non-toxic environment. This is reflected in the taste of the brewed tea.

4. It doesn’t cause environmental damage like conventionally grown tea.

This goes without saying, but pesticides are severely harmful to the environment. The chemicals not only destroys the plant’s quality, but its residue also destroys the quality of the soil around it. Pesticide residue are also moved when it rains, and it flows directly to the water source around the farm. There are greater consequences to using harmful chemicals than we really know, and we should do our best to patronize brands that support and promote healthy and sustainable practices when it comes to their products.

Why choose organic tea - feat. Jones Tea

So there we have it. These are just some of the reasons why we wanted to feature an organic tea in our subscription boxes and e-Grocery. We at Raw Bites advocate not just a healthy life but a healthy life that is good for the environment. We’ve done our research, and it brought us to Jones Tea - a tea brand that hails from Sri Lanka, home to the finest tea in the world. Get it from the Raw Bites e-Grocery as soon as you can!

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