Why Veganism & Why Now?

Why Veganism & Why Now?

Why Veganism & Why Now?

A few years back, veganism was associated with your hippie friend (note, not hipster) whose earth-child-mantra-believing-alter-reality brought you instantly into an Almost Famous limbo of Woodstock playlists and tofu steak every time you'd meet up. You probably even laughed it off as a passing trend that would never catch on.

But, since the wellness movement of the 21st century has proven to be a trillion-dollar business, what are trends telling us? It's that people are willing to stay healthy versus wait to get sick. And what has been making the world sick in the last half century since the supermarket revolution? We know the list: refined foods, processed foods, sugar, trans fats, gluten, and carcinogens. We know these better as fast food, bacon, hot dogs, potato chips, soda, white rice.

Veganism, by definition, is a way of life that advocates kindness to all animals by avoiding the use and consumption of animal products like honey, eggs, milk, meat, fish, gelatin, wool and leather. It goes deeper than eco-chic and environmentalism, in the sense that it sees all living creatures as equals who must respect one another. The simple logic behind the practice is: If we are all equal —humans and animals — then our actions towards each other must be respectful and ethical. 

Lets use dairy as an example, to illustrate the worldview of vegans. For vegans, animals are not seen for their function or usefulness, but for their value as creatures of the Earth. Therefore, it is not logical nor natural for a mammal to drink the milk of another mammal, since the means to bring that milk from the animal to safe human consumption is often unethical, harmful to the environment, and whittles down both human and animal health. (It goes without saying that vegans apply this same logic to their choice of clothing, household cleaning aids, and cosmetics.)

Why Veganism & Why Now?

Given that the Earth is warming up at a more rapid rate than ever per year, the logic of veganism proposes that by consuming zero animal products and products that are tested on animals, we put less stress on the environment. Because of the vast amounts of natural resources needed to farm, raise and manufacture animal products, the Earth cannot keep up. However, by going plant-based in what we use daily, what we wear, and of course, what we eat, we are choosing to say "no" to the systems that perpetuate animal-based products and animal testing.

We instead say "yes" to startups and companies that are passionate about healing this world, and hopefully educate the world by example that veganism is more than a dietary choice. It is a practice and a lifestyle.

Raw Bites Recommends: Our Vegan Brands

Why Veganism & Why Now?

We're proud to bring you an array of totally vegan brands from our partners! With each snack, you can be sure that you are doing the world a favor by "eating kindly" and supporting the meaningful companies behind them, you are doing your own part in making this world more liveable, with a greater chance at life.

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