Your Valentine’s Day Gift ft. Doisy & Dam

We think most of the world’s population loves chocolate. This is why we try to find the best healthy chocolate brands on the planet to include in your Raw Bites subscription boxes and our e-Grocery. We’ve featured a lot of brands, but we’re pleased to say we’ve had Doisy and Dam join in on the Raw Bites fun, all the way straight from London!

Your Valentine’s Day Gift ft. Doisy & Dam

Doisy and Dam was started by two childhood friends, Ed and Rich, both self-proclaimed chocoholics since birth who wanted to start a business together - which they did with Doisy and Dam. They left behind their careers in marketing and finance to elevate the chocolate industry with the best ingredients from around the world. They make organic chocolate bars that are vegan and gluten-free, and will surely leave your tastebuds dancing in happiness. No worries about any chemicals sneaked into your favorite dessert here.

Your Valentine’s Day Gift ft. Doisy & Dam

But it’s not just dark, chocolate-y goodness they make - they pack in as many superfoods (no less than 8%!) you can think of in one bar of chocolate. The flavor of the cacao mixed with the benefits of superfoods makes for a recipe ripe for success! We’ve featured two of their vegan chocolates so far (they’re in our Valentine’s box!), but we’re working on bringing more of them to you in the future.

Your Valentine’s Day Gift ft. Doisy & Dam

The Maca, Vanilla & Cacao Nibs gives us the crunchy chocolate bar of our dreams! You can let a square melt on your tongue or nibble on a piece to savor the rich dark chocolate paired with sweet vanilla flavor, with the maca root thrown into the mix. Maca root has been shown to support and regulate the endocrine system, and used as a remedy for hyperthyroidism.

Their Maple, Toasted Rice & Pink Salt takes your regular caramel rice bar to a whole new level with a generous drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt. Take a square from this bar to melt on your tongue with its unique salted caramel taste - in dark chocolate form.

They’re the perfect example on why confectionaries and health could be found in one treat. Make sure to keep an eye out for some Doisy & Dam chocolate bars in your subscription boxes - but you could also grab some from the Raw Bites e-Grocery.


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