Stash Tangerine Honey Daydream White Tea 35g/18 bags (Caffeinated, Sugar Free, Non GMO)


Best Before: 18 Sep 2026

This white tea blend will have you daydreaming after just one sip. Flavors of bright, citrusy tangerine and just a hint of sweet honey will instantly refresh and invigorate your senses. Notes of rose hips and vanilla bean work in the background to add a little umph to this blend, while floral and aromatic safflower brews a gorgeous golden color. When you’re feeling the afternoon blues, this lightly caffeinated blend is great for a mini boost (iced or hot)!

Rooibos, White tea, Rose hips, Tangerine natural flavor with other natural flavor, Raspberry leaf, Honey natural flavor with other natural flavor, Orange peel, Safflower, Vanilla bean, Citric acid, Monk fruit

Steeping Instructions
3-4 minutes at 190-210 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Caffeinated
  • Individually wrapped 18 tea bags

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