The subscription box boom

The subscription box boom

The Subscription Box Boom

E-commerce subscription boxes (such as yours truly here at Raw Bites) have risen in popularity in the last four to six years, globally. (Here in the Philippines, the industry is about 3-4 years old.) Curated box subscription services typically offer customers with differing monthly packages that are conveniently delivered to their door. The selections featured are a curation of goods ranging from snacks, meals, clothing, beauty products (to name a few), all for a monthly rate. A large majority of subscription commerce startups begin as a home-based operation (like the family-centric Explore Sandbox), with others expanding to full-size corporations (such as the popular Glamourbox).

It's possible you've subscribed to different boxes, and why not? Ever since the trend skyrocketed globally in 2013, the market has seen the launch of boxes that cater to almost every need. (And here in the Philippines, we're glad to say we are the first healthy snack subscription box in the market, yay!)

Why are subscription boxes so popular?

You get value for your money.  Imagine being able to try a variety of products for a fraction of the cost that you'd pay for in a normal retail store when you buy one of each item? While many box subscription services offer values in different price points, some of the best boxes give you double, triple and sometimes quadruple what you paid for in terms of box content. So while you may not use every item in a box, the value makes up for any risk involved, especially if you find one product that you really love (whereby you buy the full-size version, and everyone's happy!).

There's novelty in the curation. A key feature in subscription boxes is a card detailing every item in the box and why it was selected. Coupled with the boom of social media, box customers tend to appreciate both the curated, themed aspect of boxes, and their visual appeal, too. (Hello, #Instagram.)

There is an element of surprise. Think of it this way: When you subscribe to a curated box, you are essentially buying yourself a surprise gift. Neat, huh? 

Why a snack subscription box?

What is Raw Bites? from Raw Bites on Vimeo.

Well, we've pretty much explained our ethos for creating Raw Bites, here in our About page. Basically, we believe that because snacking is a habit among Filipinos, then why not make it healthy, sustainable and fun, too? Each month, your subscription box is a personification of this ethos, and we hope you'll enjoy snacking from now on, knowing that you are taking care of yourself, taking charge of your health while being considerate of our Planet. 

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