Maxine's Cashew Butter - Vanilla 230g

by Maxine

Best Before: 12 Oct 2023 / 18 Oct 2023 / 3 Nov 2023 / 10 Nov 2023

Packaging Update:

  • New lug type to prevent spilling
  • Added 5g (previously 225g)
  • Brand name is now simply "Maxine"
  • We are doing a soft transition from old to new packaging

All natural CASHEW BUTTER infused with vanilla bean and sweetened with coconut sugar.

  • No refined sugars - made using low glycemic, diabetic friendly, organic coconut sugar 
  • No added oils (oils that come out are from the cashews themselves)
  • At least 80% cashew content
  • Aromatic organic Madagascar vanilla bean blended with blood sugar lowering cinnamon makes this a guiltless treat!

How to Use: Spread it on toast or eat it with a banana. Add a scoop to your overnight oats, or blend it into a smoothie. It can even go into cookies and muffins! Infinite possibilities! But this is so good,  we’d even recommend enjoying it plain and off the spoon.

Ingredients: Cashews, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Vanilla Bean Extract, Touch of Salt

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